10-Yr-Old Schoolboy Raped His Classmate In School Toilet..

A 10-year-old schoolboy allegedly raped a classmate in the school toilets after watching a pornograpic movie, Mold Crown Court in the United Kingdom has heard.

The incident happened two years ago when both boys were 10 years old and attended the same school in the Colwyn Bay area.

It's alleged that the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, took the complainant into the toilets after one of the classes where they had sexual intercourse.

The defendant, who is now aged 12, has pleaded not guilty to the rape or inciting the boy to engage in sexual activity.

The prosecutor, Karl Scholz, claimed both the defendant and the victim had viewed the pornography.

Speaking on the case, he noted that those two young boys just didn't understand that they were involved in prohibited act that would entail consequences. 

The case came to light in March last year when the teachers decided to hold a conversation with the affected boy.

It was learnt that during one of the lessons the defendant offered the victim if he wanted to have sex with him and heard the ultimate 'no way'.

After the lesson the victim went to the toilet, the defendant followed him and grabbed him.

Then he pushed the complainant up against a sink, pulled down his trousers and raped him.

Resisting the complainant scratched the defendant’s arm and told him to stop.

Despite the victim's objections the defendant continued the act, saying: "Oh come on, the party’s just starting."

When the complainant washed his hands after using the urinals, the defendant repeatedly tried to pull his trousers down.

The boy was embarrassed and did not tell anyone initially, fearing he would be bullied and called gay.

Later he revealed the act to the teachers and parents and the matter was reported to the police.

During the police interview, the victim said he hated the defendant while the defendant denied he had bullied him or had any sexual intercouse with him.

The court was also told that on another occasion the defendant and another boy pretended to be gay kissed and hugged one another in the toilets.

FIFA Lifts Barcelona Transfer Ban

World football governing body, FIFA, early this morning suspended its ban on Barcelona Football Club after the Spanish team lodged appeal against the ban.

According to a statement on FIFA official website, the Catalan club will now be able to sign players in the summer transfer window following their appeal against the punishment.

The Catalans were initially banned from signing players for the next two transfer windows for breaches relating to the international transfer and registration of players under the age of 18.

Based on this latest development, the suspension has now been put on hold until a final decision on their appeal has been taken.

* FC Barcelona players can now feel a relief after FIFA lifted their suspension ban

"The club Barcelona have lodged an appeal before the Fifa Appeal Committee against the decision of the Fifa Disciplinary Committee that sanctioned the club for breaches relating to the international transfer and registration of players under the age of 18. Together with the appeal, the club requested that its appeal be granted suspensive effect," an official statement reads.

"In this respect, the chairman of the Fifa Appeal Committee, Larry Mussenden, took into consideration the sanctions imposed against the club, the complexity of the matter, the start date of the next registration period – 1 July 2014 – and the fact that the Fifa Appeal Committee does not seem in a position to take a decision on the main issue early enough so that an eventual appeal of the club against its decision before the Court of Arbitration for Sport would still be decided before the beginning of the next registration period. 

"Consequently, the chairman of the Fifa Appeal Committee considered that the appeal lodged by the club is to be granted suspensive effect.  

"In view of the foregoing, the chairman of the Fifa Appeal Committee assures that proper and adequate appeal proceedings will take place and, at the same time, that all rights of the club will be respected," the statement read.

Fifa says panel chairman Larry Mussenden took the decision because the case was unlikely to be resolved before the July 1 opening of the next transfer window.

Barcelona has pledged to pursue a further challenge at the Court of Arbitration for Sport if, as expected, it loses the initial appeal at Fifa.

Rita Dominic, Waje, Halima Abubakar and Omoni Oboli Congratulate Ini Edo With And Ufuoma McDermottn With Birthday

Nigerian celebrities wish happy birthday to Nollywood actresses Ini Edo and Ufuoma McDermott on social network.

Actress Rita Dominic wrote that Ini Edo has become a beautiful and strong woman. "Happy Birthday to this smallie who has grown into this beautiful strong woman.. May God bless and keep u hun @iniedo. Zamundans pls show some luv to this "Eyen Ibibio"(daughter of Ibibio) ❤️❤️" Rita Donimic's message said.

Ini Edo isn't the only one from Nollywood who has birthday today. Actress Ufuoma Ejenobor, who is married to Steven McDermott, was also born on this day 33 years ago. "On my 33rd birthday ... I try to reflect on as much as I can, draw up parallels on what I set out to achieve and actually did. One word keeps creeping up. LIFE. The unique blue blood in my veins, the comfort and wealth, the love from friends and family, the loyalty and encouragement from fans, sanity, health are all pleasant additions to the Life I have... #WithAGratefulHeart I embrace my new year," Ufuoma McDermott wrote on her Instagram page.

Nigerian singer Waje wrote: "Happy birthday to the talented diva @iniedo Gods light will shine more than ever before in Jesus Name." In another Instagram post Waje also congratulated Ufuoma McDermott: "Yummy mummy1 of success community I hail o!!! Happy birthday to my friend, sister, prayer warrior #muchnessdeyworryu."

Halima Abubakar decided to join congratulations, she wished both Ini Edo and Ufuoma McDermott to live long and have bright future. "Hbd to diz wonderful beauties may ur days be long.wish u both a lovely future @iniedo @ufuomamcdermott rock on," Halima wrote.

Actress and film maker Omoni Oboli, who celebrated her birthday yesterday, wrote: "Happy birthday hottie! @iniedo You rock majorly babe's, a go getter! Constantly moving forward and not listening to naysayers! Strong woman! I celebrate you today my darling friend. Get ready, God is taking you places! #aprilbabiesrock #watchthisspace #wifemotheractress #comingsoon #woohoo."

Ini Edo also congratulated her birthday mate, Ufuoma McDermott and Omoni Oboli: "Happy bday to my birthday mate the gorgeous @ufuomamcdermott #weaprilgirlsrock @omonioboli #weblackgirlsbekillingit#wekeeppushingdeboundries#"

Maheeda And Friend Goes Gaga

Controversial gospel musician turned rough girl, Maheeda has a new friend who is just like her, if not worst and the ladies have been doing their thing, probably under the influence of the bottles. More photos below:
...Maheeda said she is enjoying her life with her new friend in Paris. No time!

University Of Ghana Student Launch her ass on Twitter

University Of Ghana Student PEal duncan6
So this University of Ghana student who is too Known and thinks she’s all that, A
lways Criticizing others on twitter and now look?? Gyimiiii…
Always rushing for exposure . She goes by the name Pearl Duncan which is probably not her real name
When her fellow students were caught for stealing panties at the Accra mall ..
The way this girl diss them on twitter was even sad.
Now look at you!! Pearl So called Duncan… Look at your small titties..   Enjoy your fame wai.. OFUI


DPO Rapéd Woman Inside Police Station

A 31-year-old woman, Idowu Akinwunmi, has narrated how the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Onikan Police Station, SP Adekunle Awe, allegedly rapéd her, extorted and threatened her life in the station.
The victim said the incident occurred on April 15, 2014. She explained that on April 14 she was arrested by the police for “spurious” reasons. In her words:
“I work at an eatery on Keffi Street, Obalende, as a cook. The eatery also has a tailor’s shop in the compound and it belongs to the same person. There is also a quarters where we all live in the compound. 
“Most of the workers are from Cotonou, Benin Republic. On Monday, a popular customer, known as Friday, came to eat. He later left, but some moments later, he returned to say he could not get a bus home. Friday had been making advances at me, but we were not a couple. I allowed him to sleep over.”
According to what Akinwunmi told Punch, at 1am, her boss, who discovered that someone was sleeping over, called the police to arrest her and the customer, Friday. She said two other people, who slept over at the tailors’ quarters were also rounded up.
She said, “My madam called policemen to arrest all of us. I had only a pair of shorts, a shirt and a wrapper on. I had N11,000 in my pocket and my phone was not with me. On getting to the station, I got the phone of a policewoman and used it to call one of the tailors to come and help.
“In the morning of Tuesday, two tailors, Ben and Matthias, arrived to bail out their friends, but they were also arrested, bringing our total number to six.”
The victim said a few hours later, she felt sticky and pleaded with a policewoman on duty to allow her have a bath. She said she could not use the shower because it was too filthy, adding that on her way out, she met the DPO for the first time.
“I met the DPO along the corridor. He asked me what happened and I explained everything to him. Around 10pm on Tuesday, the DPO sent a policeman to call Friday and I. I was wearing boxers and a top. I stayed at the counter and Friday went in to see the DPO. A few minutes later, Friday came out and the DPO called me in.
“The DPO said he could make sure that I spent the rest of my life in jail, but I begged him. He then came close to me and started rubbing his hands all over my body but I rejected his advances.

“He said my boss had told him that he could do whatever he wanted to do with me. He said since I was from Benin Republic, if he killed me, nothing would happen.
“He said he would also make sure that the remaining five suspects would be sent to prison. At this point, the DPO had already taken off his clothes. Since I was afraid for my life, I allowed the DPO to have his way.
“I begged him to use a condom, but he refused. He pushed me to a smaller room in his office and put me on the bed and had séx with me. Immediately after he had finished, he told me to shower in a bathroom inside his office.”
Akinwunmi, a mother of two, said that the DPO promised to ensure that she was released the next morning and ordered a policeman to take her back into the cell. She said when she returned to the cell, she cried through the night. She said the following morning, she told some female police officers about the incident.
She said when her people came to bail her from the station, the DPO asked one Inspector Taiwo to bring her to his office.
“The DPO gave me his telephone number and asked for mine, but I didn’t give it to him. He then said I could leave and promised that no one would collect bail money from us. However, on getting to the counter, the policemen on duty collected N30,000 from us,” she said.
On leaving the police station, the woman immediately went to the Lagos Island Maternity Clinic to do a test.
A copy of the medical report, signed by Dr. R. A. Seriki stated: 
“A complaint of séxual assault: General clinical condition satisfactory; no laceration, no bruises, no areas of hyperemia, negative for HIV 1 and 2, pregnancy negative. Has been placed on PEP and emergency contraception.”
The matter was said to have been reported at Area A Police Command, Lion Building, after which the Area Commander, ACP Imohimi Edgal, invited the victim for interrogation.
Now the matter had been transferred to the office of the Commissioner of Police.
Human rights activists have decided to intervene in the DPO's show of shame. The Director, Project Alert on Violence Against Women, Dr. Josephine Effah-Chukwumah, urged the police to handle the matter seriously.
She said, “The fact that there were no bruises does not mean that rape did not occur. The moment there is a direct threat to life on the condition of séx, the offence is rapé. It is unacceptable.